You Got Me Feelin' This
You Got Me Feelin’ This

DAMN! This Hurts.

We often gotta look for that path. These problems are the good ones to have. You open my eyes to so many different things in this world you made me see things that I never saw before. At first I was unsure of what you were all about. You were REAL! That’s hard to come across now a days. You are my First Love. 

Your A Memory.. But A Good One
Your A Memory.. But A Good One

Sometime in September 2013

I hadn’t see you in like 4 months. You have news to tell me… Your Engaged to her.

I think it would have been easier to take a bullet to the heart.. I didn’t sleep, eat, talk. CRIED. That’s all I could do.. I couldn’t get up and go into the world knowing that you wouldn’t be apart of it anymore. To go from seeing you everyday and spending every minute with someone I could spend the rest of my life with, just to get tossed to the curb and never given a second look. I felt taken advantage of and worthless.

It is now the end of the year December 16, 2013. You’ve been over a couple of times, you get frustrated and try to do something stupid but I know better then to cross that Thin Line.

“I can’t do this anymore
See my heart just falls out when you walk in the door
Friendship turns into lust and this only tip
That I can’t comprehend even if I knew it
Can’t do justice to these things that I’m feeling
You got someone else, don’t wanna be caught stealing
Hell if she knew she would never leave us alone
in the room”

~”Thin Line” `Jurassic 5

You may feel something for me and that’s great but you won’t let yourself see me like that. I’ve grown to accept that, but don’t try and drag me down when your happy with her. Don’t Fuck That Up! You leave to start your new life in 3 days and I’ll probably never see you again, that kills me. (if you only knew) Yet I’m not going to sit here and cry over you I’ve done that enough. That last time I hug you is going to be it! I’ll be gone and never heard from again!

I Love You Julio. Don’t Ever Fucking Question That!

Artist: Digoil Renowned
Artist: Digoil Renowned



How do I even began this?

Music is always playing and if it not I’m singing in my head. I have to hear some kind if music.

Turn It UP Till The Cops Come!! :)
Turn It UP Till The Cops Come!! 🙂

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Atmosphere and Felt. Great artists! They are so deep and their music isn’t pointless it’s not well “mainstream”. Don’t get me wrong I catch myself listening to mainstream sometimes but most of the time I’m listening to a CD in my car or my iPod. Never the radio. It’s all about the same things. But sometimes I need to stop thinking so hard. And just get in the mood of recklessness. 🙂