Impossible Is Nothing…

   “It gets worse before it’s Better. That storm you going to have to weather. Either be a busted pipe, or a Diamond do to this pressure.”

~Iggy Azalea Impossible Is Nothing

I have been feeling really down and depressed lately. As you may have read before (if you’re reading).

A lot has been going on with this being… I lost my job. You know of my love life, and…

My family is going at a bit of a dim spot right now it feels as if everyone is at each others throats. It kills me to see the ones I love and cherish more than anything in this world so mad at each other and could be so hateful to one another. I’m not saying that I don’t have a part in this. I do, but this has being going for what seems like forever and I’m at the point where I just want to let it go and move on. No one wants to meet in the middle and listen to what any thing the other says or how they feel.. It’s all “me” and “what about her?”.

Why can’t we all just love and be there for one another?

I have seriously thought about cheating at this game of life and taking the easy way out. I never really attempted it because I’m afraid of who i would hurt in doing so and everything I would miss… and wonder who would miss me… but doesn’t everyone?

This song has really spoken to me and given me strength again and has become my anthem for this year and to really focus on and find myself!


Impossible is Nothing.jpg